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For thousands of years the people of Ireland lived by a native set of laws known as ‘Brehon Law’. This ancient and just system held the fabric of Irish society together. 


The Brehon Law Academy is dedicated to restoring a modern awareness for the laws, myth, and culture of early Ireland, connecting the wisdom of the old ways with today's world.

A Digital Hedge-School for Early Irish Law and Culture

Rekindling a modern interest in the laws and customs of early Ireland.

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Ancient Ireland: Culture & Society


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Articles and videos on early Irish law and culture. 

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online course ancient ireland history

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Ogham Learning Pack 


Unlock the secrets of Ireland's Ancient Ogham Alphabet with this handmade set of ogham letters along with an illustrated copy of the Book of Ogham.

Provincial Kingdoms



Poster Maps of Ireland's Five Ancient Provincial Kingdoms: Ulster, Munster, Leinster, Connaught, and Meath. Each province is celebrated on these high-quality prints.

Book of Ogham



A pocket guide to the Ogham Alphabet with introduction, how to guide, and illustrations for each letter. Also comes as part of the Ogham Learning Pack.

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Rekindling an awareness of the Laws, Culture, Mythology,

and Heritage of Ancient Ireland.

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