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- The Tribe and The Family

- Women of Ireland in Myth and History

- Status and the Social Order

- The People of the Arts

- Royal Rituals and Inauguration Sites

- Schools and Education

- Brehon Law

- Irish Mythology

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Only just beginning but already have an answer to a question I've had for a while so I'm excited to hear more.

Caroline MacCarthy

Clear information given in an ordered fashion, with good re-capping of important points.

Simon Cowan

Have just completed online course: Ancient Ireland - Culture and Society by the Brehon Law Academy it was very insightful. The course is extremely well delivered in concise sections, on a journey through ancient Ireland and its society. Looking forward to the future courses.

Tim Coomber

The delivery is such that it lends to almost storytelling which helps not just to hold my attention but also to remember it better, along with some beautiful visuals. It is a fascinating subject, great to have an insight into how my ancestors lived , i am creating my family tree and this course is helping me understand and feel a closer connection to them.

Angela Mernagh

Great information Kevin, even for myself a fellow Irishman. Learned so much. Thanks.

David Maddy

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From Chieftain to High-King (24/40)


There were four primary grades of king in early Ireland ranging from a common of a People to the Ard Rí na hÉireann, High-King of all Ireland.


Women, Work and Status (21/40)


Women were not excluded from working and often held high ranking positions as druids, poets, judges, etc.


Here, we consider the role of women in relation to work and the affect work had on her personal status.

Children and Fosterage (10/40)


The good rearing of the children was in the interest of the whole community.


In this section we learn about the attitudes to children and explore the common Irish custom of fosterage.

Aes Dana - People of Art (19/40)


From poets, musicians, and craftsmen to historians, judges and doctors, we’ll learn about the value given to these members of society.

This lesson explores three of the highest grade professions: Poets, Judges, Harpists.



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Royal Inauguration Rituals (27/40)

Gaelic rites of initiation predate those of any country in Europe. This lesson explores the elements and symbolism of these rituals in more detail. 

Hospitality (32/40)


Learn the real reason why Ireland is known as the land of a thousand welcomes in this lesson exploring some old Irish traditions and customs for the hospitable treatment of strangers as guests.

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Well researched, and organized. Instructor is obviously passionate about the subject. Not enough classes about Irish Culture out there that take the topic seriously enough to not devolve into new agey nonsense.


Look forward to any classes this instructor offers in the future and hope others follow his lead. Thanks.

Brian Conaty

Bringing Irish history to light for those around the world who have been wondering about the various "official histories" told us is a MUCH LONG AWAITED for gift. Thank you for doing such a thing Kevin.

Carline Hammon

I think the information is imparted in a way that is pleasant to listen to and the graphics give that little nudge to one's imagination that puts the listener back in time.

Michael McGee

Fantastic information, and a lovely presentation! Go raibh maith agat!

Kelsey Beland

Easy to understand, very clear. A very graphic presentation in words and pictures. Enjoying lots. This course is super great investment. Definitely recommending to others.

Don LeBaron

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  -  40 Lectures

  -  4 Hours of Video Content

  -  Insights into a range of areas

  -  Suitable for all levels

  -  Learn at your own pace

  -  Join the forum discussions

  -  Lots of extra research materials

7 Grades of Wisdom - Education (35/40)

In the second of a two-part lesson on Education, we go through each of the so-called '7 Grades of Wisdom' in detail. Here we focus on the education of poets, but this educational process could also be found throughout other lay and clerical grades.

Burial Rites and Traditions (38/40)


From the henge to the wake, we take a broad look at the burial rites of the Irish from ancient times to recent. We'll also talk about the Banshee and other traditional Irish omens.


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