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Take a journey into the ancient past and learn all about the ancient Brehons of Ireland and their famous laws.

For thousands of years the people of Ireland lived by a native set of laws known today as ‘Brehon Law’.

This ancient and just system held the fabric of Irish society together.

In this course, you will meet the brehon lawyers and explore the fragments of ancient manuscripts they have left behind for us, gems of wisdom from the ancient past.

Were kings brehons? Were brehons druids and poets, too?

We will learn about the key legal or 'brehon' families and some famous law schools, and learn all about the principles of justice and logic which characterize the brehon laws.

We will take a stroll through wider Irish society and learn how the laws had an impact on other aspects of daily life.

This course is the third in a trilogy of courses designed to give participants a deep and vivid understanding of early Irish society, mythology, and law.

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Rekindling an awareness of the Laws, Culture, Mythology,

and Heritage of Ancient Ireland.

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