In Search of the Faeries

December 8, 2023

The belief in the Daoine Maithe or 'Good People', the Sídhe or 'People of the Hills', otherwise known as the Faeries, is one that was so strong in Ireland that it is impossible to cast our minds back to the times of our ancestors without acknowledging it.

All throughout history, across cultures and lands, we find folklore and beliefs surrounding 'non-physical' semi-mystical beings that exist somewhere between the seen and unseen worlds. To the house spirits and gods of the Greeks and Romans, to the Fallen Angels of Jews and Christians and the Jinn of Muslims, to the Faeries of Ireland, and to the UFO's of today. A serious anthropological study of the human race must take account of these seemingly distinct yet strikingly similar concepts among varying groups and societies.

The realms of human imagination are powerful mysterious places that we still don't seem to fully understand.

In this enjoyable independent documentary we witness the journey of one man who was so touched by the old stories his Grandmother often shared with him as a boy that he now as a man feels compelled to investigate deeper.

Spanning several countries and meeting various experts, critiques and alleged 'witnesses' along the way, this piece weaves a tapestry of stories and first-hand accounts as we go in search of these faeries.

We are left with one burning question: What exactly is Imagination and just how powerful is it?


Cover Image: by Artist Brian Froud

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