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From the mysterious Túatha Dé Danann, the fairy-people of Irish folk-belief, spoke of in the Mythological Cycle, we will travel north and witness the deeds of the boy warrior Cúchullain as we go through the Ulster Cycle, before tasting the Salmon of Knowledge and sleeping under the stars of Leinster with the mighty Fianna in the Fenian Cycle, and finally take a tour through the courts of famous kings as we bring our journey to a close with the Cycle of Kings.  


We'll lay a broad yet detailed foundation ranging from the tribe and family, to the intricate social order of varying grades. The royal rituals of kingship and the people of skill and art. Education, Festivals, Burial Rites and Spirituality; to name just a few! Embark on a journey into Ireland's ancient past as we explore the culture and society of this early civilisation. For lovers of Irish history and those wishing to learn about a new fascinating topic. 


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Rekindling an awareness of the Laws, Culture, Mythology,

and Heritage of Ancient Ireland.

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